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Capacity to Care
A Matching Grant Program for Non-Profit Organizations, Schools and Civil Air Patrols


Capacity to Care


Capacity to Care is a matching grant program for for non-profit organizations, Civil Air Patrol and educational institutions.

When we have the capacity to produce more, we offer our resources to non-profit organizations.

The non-profit receives two dollars of product for every dollar it spends.

Kennon Aircraft Covers manufactures aircraft covers and sewn products.

The Ground Rules are Few

1. Allow plenty of time. Many Capacity to Care projects are completed within four weeks, but there are no guarantees. CTC projects are scheduled as time permits.

2. Each Capacity to Care product carries the Capacity to Care logo.

3. Please provide pictures and please display the Capacity to Care Logo as you would the logo of any other sponsor.

A link to the Capacity to Care web site would be appreciated as would a posting on the Capacity to Care Facebook Page.

4. Each CTC application is carefully screened and Kennon reserves the right to disapprove any application.

Capacity to Care
Kennon Sign Shop , a division of Kennon Products, produces signs, banners, and other large printed and sewn display items.

We began the CTC Program at Kennon Sign Shop, and now we are expanding it to include Kennon Aircraft Covers.

What do manufacturers do when business is slow?  Many companies lay-off workers or reduce their hours. This is not the case at Kennon Products, Inc. of Sheridan, Wyoming. The company keeps its qualified team together, happy and secure especially when jobs are scarce. 

Kennon uses its excess production capacity to help non-profit organizations with what they need. Capacity to Care is a matching grant program. For every dollar the non-profit spends, it receives two dollars of product or service.

Ron Kensey, the company’s owner explains it this way, “After you make the decision to keep workers employed in a down economy you have to be creative to keep them busy. Our goal is to keep our team productive, sharp and motivated.

The income from Capacity to Care covers the cost of materials and labor but not much more. Yet, it is better than the alternative of sending people home.    A big bonus is that each of us feels a sense of pride when we focus our efforts on a cause greater than our own, and that alone adds energy to our business.” 

There are a few simple rules.  The Capacity to Care program is not for rush orders so as not to interfere with the timely completion of regular projects.  The end product must carry the Capacity to Care logo.