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Kennon’s Anti-Grit Lined WeatherMax Cabin Cover
Six Times More Durable Than Acrylic Canvas Covers

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Kennon Covers prevents corrosion and damage from the environment by keeping out rain, dust and snow, while allowing moisture in the air beneath the cover to escape.

Kennon WeatherMax A uniquely engineered polymer material designed specifically for constant outdoor use.  It is extremely UV resistant and extremely resistant to fading and color loss.  This fabric is breathable, abrasion resistant and eliminates sagging.

Kennon Silver WeatherMax

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Kennon's Anti-GritKennon's Anti-Grit Lining

Kennon introduced a micro-fiber lining in the early 1990's after it was reported that fuzzy linings were the apparent cause of several millions of dollars of damage to military aircraft involved in Desert Storm. Fine sand collects in fuzzy material and scratches the transparency system.

We've since significantly improved the lining to include a static-dissipating feature. Static charged acrylic windows attract dust and dust scratches. Kennon's new Anti-Grit lining helps reduce static and further helps prevent scratching.


Just a quick note to share my personal appreciation for the quality product you and your team are bringing to the market place. I own a 1946 Stinson Voyager 108-1 which have new windows installed. Of course, even in a hanger we aircraft owners combat dirt on our airplanes but especially painful are the side effects of dirt on our windows due to the fact that no matter how careful we are scratches are bound to appear at some point.

I purchased one of your stylish covers thinking it might help win this battle against the dirt and ultraviolet degradation of interior components. Well I still recall the day the package arrived and of course it had to be opened in the living room for inspection and orientation of fit to the airplane. Being a 30 year Manufacturing process and Quality professional in the aerospace industry, I carefully examined the entire cover from fabric thread count to stitch pitch and thread tension settings. PERFECT!

Since that time three plus years ago the Stinson and I have traveled to Oklahoma and back to North Dakota whereby your cover has seen -30F temps, dust, birds and high wind conditions.  This is where your design really takes off in performance in that my aircraft shows no signs of chaffing (sand and high wind conditions) on either the glass or the airframe. Great accomplishment!

Two key questions anyone inquiring to me about your product are always:
1. Would you buy another cover from Kennon?  ........Absolutely
2. Are you satisfied with the product?......No question, great design, high quality, great customer support and functionality is top shelf.

Best regards,

Merle Bingham Jr.

Cessna Aircraft Cover

Kennon combines its acclaimed aircraft cover design with the most durable and breathable covering fabric on the market today. It is six times more durable than acrylic canvas covers.

The underside is completely lined with Anti-Grit.

The cover is sewn with Tenera sewing thread that will outlast the fabric. That is why Kennon can offer a full 5 year Limited Warranty on its WeatherMax Covers.

Available in light silver, to reflect the heat, with your choice of trim colors.

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Tenara Thread

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Kennon Aircraft Covers

"Our demo aircraft has used Kennon covers on the canopy, wings and engine since it got out of the paint shop in 2005. During that time, it has been tied down outside during the harsh New England winters and hot summers. The paint and glass still look brand new and people are shocked when we tell then that the aircraft is not hangared. We attribute this solely to Kennon's outstanding covers.

Approach Aviation created The Educated Owner Video Series to teach aircraft owners how to increase safety and reduce the costs associated with aircraft ownership. I can confidently say that our Kennon Covers have been a very wise investment!" - Jeff Simon, President, Approach Aviation

Cessna Cabin CoverHi Ron -

I ordered the new cover in advance of replacing the windows in the plane. So the windows just got done and I put the new cover on today for the first time. It fits very well and looks good! I felt bad retiring the old cover that you made some 6+ years ago, but it is starting to come apart at the seams and has survived two hurricanes, one tornado, Florida summers and Northeast winters. It is a great testimonial that it lasted this long!

Your workmanship is superb. I was able to put the cover you made for my Archer on today and the fit was snug and exact. I am very pleased with the quality and fit of the cover.

Thanks for everything,
Richard M. Stube

Kennon Cabin Covers: Breathable and six times more durable that acrylic canvas. READ MORE.