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Dust Covers
Hangar your Plane? Need to keep dust and bird droppings off?

Dust Cover Up

Kennon's Dust Cover is made from tuff nylon oxford cloth. It has an elastic hem around the entire cover and two straps that crisscross in the middle to pull the cover close to the fuselage. Raise it up when you are ready to fly.

Dust Cover Down


Our unique suspension storage system consists of rings that attach to the steel beams of your hangar with nylon ties.  Cords run from the cover through the rings and back down to the floor.  Simply pull on the cords to raise and lower the cover.
Kennon Dust Cover
Kennon Dust Cover
Kennon Dust Cover

Kennon Dust Cover

"I absolutely love this cover and offer a highly enthusiastic endorsement of it."
Rob Palmer, about his Kennon Dust Cover.