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Insulated Engine Covers
What makes Kennon engine covers better?
Engine Cover Entire

Reason #1: Best Design = Best Fit!

An engine cover has to fit well to insulate well. Don’t settle for a one size fits all cover! Every Kennon cover is custom made for the specific year, make and model of aircraft.

Polyester Shell Adds Years of Life to the Cover.
Aviation Consumer, Feb. 1997

Engine Cover Floorg

Reason #2: Best Workmanship!

Kennon's attention to detail during the manufacturing process is evident in the fit and performance its engine cover.


Reason #3: Best Materials!

Kennon’s outershell is made from polyester–not nylon–adding at least 2 years more useful life to your cover.

Kennon makes its own engine blanket material, and it isn’t quilted. Quilting destroys the loft and puts thousands of needle holes in the blanket where heat can escape.

Engine Cover Flap

Reason #4: Custom Built

Every cover is built to order. Our desire is to build a cover that meets your needs. If you need a flap for the oil door or vents for drafting the warm air from a combustion heater, ask us at the time you order, and we will build it into your cover at a nominal charge.
Florescent Orange Inner Shell For Signaling!

Arrow Engine Cover
Reason #5: Best for Multiple Uses

Use a Kennon Engine Cover as a signaling device if you need it because the inner shell is fluorescent orange. Or in an emergency, a Kennon Engine Cover will keep you warm.


Insulate Your Prop and Spinner From the Cold!

If you stuck a stainless steel table knife into a bucket of ice water and held it with your fingers, you would probably get frostbite on your fingers. Your propeller blades conduct cold too. They are connected to the crankshaft and right behind the spinner is the front main bearing.

Custom Engine Prop Spinner

Engine Cover Baron


We started covering the propeller and spinner because mechanics were pointing out premature wearing of the bearings to their customers. The engine could be well heated while at the same time the front main bearing would be frozen.

Every Kennon Cover is built for the year, make and model of your aircraft.
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