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Kennon Aircraft Covers History
Ron Kensey
Kennon's owner & co-founder, Ron Kensey.

Kennon Products was started in 1984 in a small rented garage in Temple City, California by Paul Kennon Chaney and Ron Kensey. Our flagship product was the Kennon Sun Shield. It wasn't long before it became a best seller. (It still is. Pilots like how wedges fit inside the window molding and stay without fasteners or suction cups.)

Paul left the company to focus more on his construction business and in 1989 the Kensey's moved Kennon to Sheridan, Wyoming.  It was a quality of life move. Sheridan is located at the foot of the Big Horn Mountains and is a great place to raise a family and a business.

In 1991 Kennon purchased Morgan Stanford Aviation, makers of the Thermacon Heat Shield. Thermacon's are held in place with velcro and were the gold standard in heat protection prior to the introduction of the Kennon's wedge fitted shields. 

Kennon has taken the lead in helping aircraft owners protect their investment . In doing so the company is responsible for introducing many innovative products to the aviation world. Here are just a few:

  • Kennon introduced the Spoiler Mesh Wing/Tail Cover that was being produced and sold on a limited basis out of Alaska.
  • Insulated Propeller and Spinner Covers and called attention to the need to protect the front main bearing from the cold.
  • Vented Insulated Engine Covers for better drafting and fluorscent orange inner shell for better signaling in case of an emergency.
  • Kennon's satin lined aircraft cabin covers set the standard in safe window protection. Unlike a fuzzy lining satin is so slippery that sand and dirt won't stick to it.
  • Kennon's Dust Cover, with its unique suspension storage system, keeps aircraft clean while parked inside a hangar.
  • Heat Protection for practically every make and model of military aircraft in the Department of Defense inventory.
  • Wind Spoilers to use year-round to keep your plane from flying without you.
  • Heated Cowl Plugs that keep the engine warm and keep the air intakes clean.
  • Kennon's Cowl Plugs, with a superior fitting edge, safety strap and weather resistant outer shell.
  • Soft Gust Locks that are gentle on the wing.


F15 Canopy Up Kennon Aircraft Covers Sunshield Performance

During the Gulf War, avionics failures increased due to high cockpit temperatures experienced in the desert environment. 

Kennon Aircraft Covers was chosen to manufacture the sunshields for this test.  Kennon sunshields perfectly match the contour of windows and canopies and stay in place with a friction fit.

Click here to read the details of the test and all the results.



Kennon is proud to have received the Blue Chip Enterprise Award presented by Connecticut Mutual, US Chamber of Commerce, and Nation's Business magazine and was featured in Entrepreneur magazine as one of 51 American Success Stories.

In 1999, Kennon was named the State of Wyoming's Exporter of the Year.

Owner Ron Kensey was presented the Sam Walton Business Leader Award in recognition of service to customers, respect of the individual, and commitment to strive for excellence.

Kennon has a continuing commitment to improving its products and services to meet the needs of its customers.

Kennon Aircraft Covers Sikorsky S-92
Kennon Protects High Value Assets

Kennon Products Lean Achievement Award
Kennon receives Lean Manufacturing Achievement Award


Research & Development

Transport Cover
Each and every special project requires careful selection and combination of materials.
A bullet proof design is required to keep the asset safe. 

A strength of Kennon’s is the ability to form and manage multi-disciplinary research teams, and deliver useful products at the end.  In addition to SBIR research, Kennon also routinely designs new products for the military, military primes, and the commercial aviation industry.  Kennon employs a partnering model, bringing talented people and their ideas together, to create new and useful products and opportunities.  Kennon is currently collaborating with the University of Wyoming, Auburn University, Sikorsky and EADS/Eurocopter, as well as numerous materials manufacturers.

More Information on Kennon's Research and Development