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Here's What Customers Say About Kennon's Aircraft Covers and Service!

We started our buisness back in 1984 and our role models were LL Bean, Lands End and Eddie Bauer. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality product and service that was unsurpassed. We aren't satisfied unless our customers are satisfied. Everyone at Kennon has the responsibility to provide products and services that pleasantly surprise our customers. Everyone in our shop has the authority to do what is right for our customers.

Part of our daily routine is a short all-staff meeting. We coordinate our work and we always read the letters that we get from our customers. The kind of mail we get makes it all worthwhile! We would like to share some of those letters with you.

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James Knox TestimonialI am very pleased with the quality of your blanket . A friend of mine had one and it fit so nice compared to the one I had, so I bought your’s. Fits very snug and is easy to put on, plus stays on in the wind. Extremely satisfied customer.

James Knox

Phil Martin TestimonialRon,

Attached please find photos of my airplane with your covers installed.  I have really appreciated the quality and the fit of your product. Parking my plane on a hot flight line is a lot easier to accept now.

Phil Martin

Dean Chenarides TestimonialHi Ronald,

Love the covers. When I originally received them, the main wing covers didn't fit well at all near the roots. I spoke with your customer service people and and they asked me to make suggestions on how to improve the fit. I told them each wing cover needed another bungie chord right around where the main wheels are located. I marked the spots where they should be located, sent the covers back and when they were returned, they fit much better! Thanks for listening.

Dean Chenarides

Russell Fauver TestimonialI'm real happy with the cowl and inlet plugs. They turned out nice and fit like they were made for it  :-)

Russell Fauver

Jeffrey Kuehl TestimonialWe love our window inserts after having three outside covers on this and 2 other aircraft. So much cooler inside the aircraft and no beating around on the outside. You'll find sand and debris gets under the outside covers and then you have window damage and paint too. Also a great space saver too.

Best Regards
Jeff and Kim

Jeffrey Kuehl
President, Sun State Insurance Agency
North Palm Beach, FL

Jim Holley TestimonialHi Ron,

Well, I finally made it out to the airport to take a picture of the Kennon cover you made for my Cessna 182S.

The cover is not fully installed because I place two 150 watt light bulbs in the engine compartment. Access is via the cowling flaps, so they are necessarily open. When closed the cover fits very nicely around the nose gear.

The real story here is that I could have save myself a lot of money if I had bought your cover earlier than I did. Previously, I had use a pre-heat pad to warm the engine when the temperatures dropped. However the pad would only heat the engine oil, while the rest of the engine would remain quite cold. Now that I have purchased your cover for the engine and prop, I no longer use the heating pad. With your cover installed and two 150 watt bulbs burning, the whole engine is a toasty 100+ degrees. Cold engine starts are a thing of the past.

Again, thank you for my cover. It’s very functional, and it is perhaps the best value item I have purchased for my plane to date.

Jim Holley

Jack Kimberly Testimonial Ron,

Just a note to say thanks for the C-150G nose plugs that I ordered from your fine establishment.  The quality is top notch and the fit is perfect.  

Thanks again,
Jack Kimberly
C-150G, N4739X

Ray Doak TestimonialHi Ron

Received my cover on Friday and installed it today. I’m extremely satisfied with the quality and finish and it fits like a glove. We have temperatures here in Canberra Australia ranging from -10C in Winter to +45C in Summer so I need something to protect the interior of my 1980 C210N, VH BVG. This is the second cover that I have purchased from Kennon, with the first of these lasting some 6 years. Great product, thanks very much for your fast delivery and courteous service.

Kind regards
Ray Doak | Managing Director | Auraya Group Pty Ltd
Canberra Australia

Steven Potoczak TestimonialHi Kennon.

Well, it’s been another successful season of keeping the company plane (Cessna 206) warm with your great product!  That’s me in the photo.  This day, I was at KGAS for 6 hours.  The outside temp that day was in the low 20s (F), the wind was blowing out of the north at 15-20 kts. and snow was on it’s way later that evening.  When I returned to the plane six hours later to head back home towards Cleveland, Ohio, the engine compartment was still warm and needed no preheat!  As I landed back at my home base airport (1G5), the snow began and the visibility went below minimums.  Had I not had my Kennon Engine Blanket, I would have needed a time consuming preheat and then I probably would not have made it back into my home base airport that evening.  That evening, I not only beat the snow and made it back into my home base airport just in the nick of time, I made it home in time for supper which made my wife and kids very happy!  My Kennon cover paid for itself again!  Thank you!

Steven A. Potoczak
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc.
Cleveland, Ohio 

Scott Hattenburg TestimonialRemote airstrip, near McGrath, Alaska. 

At remote sites, we use Kennon spoiler covers to protect aircraft from severe (80 to 100 mph) fall wind storms.  We have seen aircraft destroyed in wind storms that were parked next to aircraft with spoiler covers that had zero damage.  Better than an insurance policy and much cheaper.

Scott Hattenburg
Anchorage, Alaska 

Rob Tollefson TestimonialRon,

First I want to say that I love the covers that you sent.  The quality is evident and I appreciate the attention to detail put into your product. Even in the cold of northwest Minnesota, the engine compartment is warm with the Tanis plugged in and the cowl, prop, and spinner covered.  I look forward to seeing how long it holds engine heat only.

Rob Tollefson
Beechcraft A36 Bonanza

Don Olandese Testimonialhere is one of your covers on our RV9 after a long hop to Cottonwood, AZ., from Seguin, TX.  it works just fine, even when i am almost too tired to put it on! 

Don Olandese

Karen Godin TestimonialThis is our 1959 C-180B at Carrabassett Valley airport in Carrabassett, ME  for several days of skiing at Sugarloaf mountain, we live 50 miles away on PG1. A Grass strip which is perfect for ski operations.

Your engine and prop covers save the day. We also have windshield and wing/tail covers which we used this week as well.

We have been in -10F temps with only the engine cover and without plugging the Reiff heater in and the engine remains toasty warm throughout the day for a span of 5 hours.

Karen & David Godin

Doug Leikala TestimonialRon:

Here is [a picture] of our Cardinal which my wife and I have owned for the past twenty years. Not long after we got the Cardinal, we ordered a new set of Kennon window shields. The Cardinal sits outside 24/7-365 days of the year. It has never been in a hanger.As you can see by the pictures the window shields are pretty much as nice as they were when new. We just replaced the rear shield this past year due to some deterioration. The new one we received from you folks with the additional plastic clips are "GREAT"! These new style clips hold the shields tighter to the window frames than the old style. Now during our up-coming annual for 2013,we are having some of these plastic clips installed on "ALL" our other shields. What a GREAT idea you guys had! All the other pilots that see our plane at our local airport or at other airports while we travel, always ask if the plane is in a hanger. We tell them never. The next question they usually ask is how we protect the inside.With that question,we tell them we have Kennon shields on all our windows and they have lasted for as long as we have owned the plane.

 P.S. the plane looks as nice on the inside as the outside! 

Doug and Debbie Leikala

Jay Mitchell TestimonialJay Mitchell's kennon covers on Rainy Lake, Int'l Falls, MN. I love them....

William Bovard  TestimonialNew replacement cover received and installed today.  It fits just right and looks great!   I like not having to remove or undo much to get into either the passenger door or baggage hatch when the cover is on.

Happy Customer,
William Bovard