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Kennon Offers Three Types of Wing and Tail Covers

Winter Solid Polyester - UV resistant, light weight, strong and packable
Alaskan Spoiler Mesh - The original mesh wing/tail covers with spoilers
Kennon WeatherMax - a breathable 5 year year-round cover

Kennon Winter Aircraft Covers

Kennon's Winter Wing/tail covers are constructed from UV resistant polyester instead of nylon. . These covers are designed to last! Available in Black, Red and Blue.

Kennon's Spoiler Mesh Wing/tail covers are the covers to use when you tie down in sub-freezing, high-wind areas.

Kennon Spoiler Mesh WIng Covers

The spoilers on the leading edge of the cover disrupt the airflow over the wing and prevent lift so that your plane doesn't fly without you.

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Kennon WeatherMax Wing/Tail Covers - breathable 5 year year-round cover set.
Weathermax Silver

Protect the fabric or protect the paint! For fabric covered wings a breathable cover is a must!

Add a Lift Spoiler Strip to Your Order and Use it Alone or in Conjunction With any Wing Cover!

Aircraft Wing Cover

The soft fiber filled spoilers sewn onto a strip that attaches over the wing cover disrupts the airflow over the top of the wing and helps prevent lift.

Use it alone by simply attaching it to the wing or use it with any wing cover, by strapping it over the cover.


Spoiler Mesh Wing/Tail Covers

S Cub Spoiler

These famous wing cover are the best sellers in Alaska. They keep the wings and tail free from ice, snow and frost and provide protection from high wind.

A frost particle, snow flake or ice crystal is larger than the opening of fine mesh. Precipitation collects on the outside of the cover. When the cover is removed, the precipitation comes with it. Wings dry faster.

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“The wind was blowing 40+ mph for days, with periods of 50-60 mph-but my plane will fly below 40 mph! (we were blown off our feet at times).

We buried the skis in snow to help hold the plane down, but this wouldn't’t have stopped the plane from blowing away in the strong winds. I spent a few sleepless nights sitting in the plane at the controls, hoping I could save the plane by flying it into the ground should a gust try to lift it.

But, the amazing thing was-the plane didn’t fly away!! The wing covers worked-they spoiled the air flow over the wings as advertised...I give all the credit to the Kennon wing covers-the plane was still there.”

Keith Echelmeyer, Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska.


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